Different Tips in Renting Big Screens

Successful Big Screen Event

Whether you are planning to have a product launch or a simple outdoor movie fundraising activity, you may only have two options to consider, it is either you will buy inflatable screens or have big screen hire. If you are going to choose the latter, then there are some tips that you can make use of when you are having big screen hire which are the following below.

Tip # 1: Know Your Budget

This could be a little expensive and is ideal for events, but you need to know the money you can spend for this. You should ask for the quotation of the rental company beforehand to easily have a better idea on the amount you should prepare for the services that you need.

Tip # 2: Have a Contract

It is very important that you are going to have a contract with the company. Even though it is within a short period of time only, you should follow the terms and agreements under a contract to easily avoid having problems in case the screens have some damages while under your care.

Tip # 3: Get the Right Size

There are also different sizes of screens that you can find, and you should get the right one for you. You should decide if you should get a big one that is perfect for the number of people who are going to watch the movie and the place where it will be set up. Make sure to consider those things to have a better experience.

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Ideas and Tips for Effective Marketing

Effective MarketingFor most of the time, businesses make use of customer appreciation events in order to make sure that the present current customer patronage is very much being valued. This is a way for new customers to be attracted later on. Owners who have the will to host a Customer Appreciation event should make sure that their undertaking will be a certified hit. In order to do this, big screen hire may be undertaken. To go for a screen hire is not difficult these days anyway. This is a way for outdoor events to occur.

Showing Appreciation

Appreciation is shown in various ways. For example, fast food chains do it regardless of them being located in the country. This is done every year through a Customer Appreciation event being hosted. This is a way to feature free food and even fun family friendly events. Just recently, there are tons of stores out there that added outdoor movie on their activities. This is the reason why a screen rental was mentioned earlier in this article. This is possible knowing that there are many agencies out there that allow big screen hire to occur for everyone. This can be done through a restaurant’s parking lot for instance. This is transformed into a theater for a movie. This will work for sure. Customers coming from different ages will be able to come together in order to enjoy tons of chicken nuggets like that of a movie snack. This can be used instead of popcorn.

Do not get the aforementioned wrong. Restaurants are not the only ones which can only pursue the said plan. Outdoor movies can make the Customer Appreciation special. This is true for Childcare Centers for instance. Festivals can be hosted as well. This will make the market a good potential for new families found in the community. A movie which is family friendly will definitely work. This can be a great condition for almost everyone. This kind of event should not be snubbed then. Aside from these, a Daycare Center will also be able to transform the parking lot or even the playground into a movie house.

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Tips for Planning a Successful Big Screen Event

Renting Big ScreensBackyard movies are entertaining, thrilling, and a great way to create a bond with your family and community. Hosting an outdoor movie is actually a very detailed task especially if you want it to be successful. Understanding the every detail that you need to put up together is the first step to no glitches or oopsie backyard movie marathon. Here is a guide that you could follow while you prepare for your big screen hire event.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Outdoor movies can be hosted everywhere from your backyard to your rooftop to public parks to rental concert fields. The rise of an inflatable screen, the possible option for your location is actually endless. However, since it is a large gathering of people and you are going to use sound hire for big screen movie marathon, make sure that you give your neighbors a two months’ notice to avoid disputes from the noise you are going to make. Also ask a permit from your City Hall to make sure that you know your noise limits. Remember that if you break the rules and annoy your neighbors, it could be your first and last movie.


Make a list of the equipment that you need before you start on inviting friends and other guests. Make sure that your big screen hire is superb with clear images. The audience will also be super happy with ground shaking surround sound. It is wise to rent the latest screen and projector, and sound system from one person or company only to make sure that you know where to reach them in case an equipment problem arise.


One of the most important details in every outdoor movie marathon is your movie choices. Make sure that you consider the likes of every audience. If there will be small children attending your film showing, choose movies that will be safe for them to watch. If you are targeting the adults, you can always play blockbuster movies or the favorites or the ones which earned enough talking from the crowd.

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